Facial Treatment, Anti-Aging, Microdermabrasion etc.

in our cosmetic studio in Zurich

Facials / Facial Treatments at Andrea Wiedmer Cosmetics

Please have a look at the different facial treatments available here at Andrea Wiedmer Cosmetics Zurich

Facial treatment with phytohormones by MBR

including microdermabrasion and oxygen

90 Min

CHF 250

Anti-Aging treatment with live cells by MBR

Exclusive care with an immediate visible result

90 Min

CHF 350


60 Min

CHF 180

Oxygen treatment

during a facial treatment

10 Min

CHF 40

Eye brows and lids

20 Min

from CHF 35

Depilation with wax

20 min til 1 hour depending on the area

from CHF 30

BYONIK (cold light laser)

Reduces folds, bolsters up and refines the pores

ca. 45 Min

CHF 250

CACI Ultra

Lifting and skin regeneration tightens contours and reduces folds

ca. 75 Min

CHF 250